Impel Nutrition LINKD EAA/BCAA
Impel Nutrition LINKD EAA/BCAA
Impel Nutrition LINKD EAA/BCAA

Impel Nutrition LINKD EAA/BCAA

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Amino Acids are the building blocks of muscle. Whether you are dieting on a heavily restricted caloric deficit or are pounding down every ounce of protein you can get your hands on, supplementing with amino acids can be critical to your gains. Studies have shown that a bolus dose of amino acids can stimulate muscle protein synthesis. 

Linkd bridges the gap between any shortfalls in our diets with 

  • 5 Grams of Instantized Vegan Brain Chain Amino Acids(BCAA) through the use of the patented Instaminos(TM). Instaminos are a high purity version of BCAAs that increases mixability, uptake, and taste with very little foaming. Instaminos may lead to decreased muscle breakdown, increased recovery, and engaging muscle protein synthesis.
  • Essential Amino blend ensures that your muscle is provided all the amino acids that it cannot form itself. There are 9 essential amino acids(including the 3 BCAA). These EAAs must be supplemented through diet or other means because your body is unable to synthesize these elements.
  • 250mg Electrolytes - including Pink Himalayan Sea Salt - This blend provides a natural infusion of much needed sodium, calcium, potassium, and magnesium to revitalize the muscle during times of intense activities and sweating. 
  • 2 Grams L-Glutamine provides a decrease in muscle soreness after intense physical activity and reduces amount of time for recovery between working sets and workout sessions. This is a must for anyone serious about optimizing recovery and getting back in the 'game'!

Why do you need EAAs? Amino acids are critical in the process of protein synthesis and overall energy production in the body. The essential amino acids are key components in these processes:

  • Histidine - with nerves, brain tissue, Leucine - mTOR response/cell growth,
  • Isoleucine - blood sugar and stimulates HGH release
  • Lysine - bone and vessel growth, fat mobilization
  • Methionine - glutathione (liver detox), natural creatine production
  • Phenyalanine - increase dopamine, epinephrine, muscle contraction
  • Threonine - protein and collagen synthesis
  • Tryphoptan - serotonin production, stress relief
  • Valine - muscle repair, glycogen to energy conversion

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