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28 Days Later Will Change You
It’s meant to change you mentally and physically, with two of our patented ingredients, AMPitest® and Blamus®. AMPitest® increases your body’s own growth hormone levels and is a powerful immune system builder, while Blamus® has diversified health benefits including improved endurance, athletic performance, and healthy free testosterone levels. To give you additional benefits, we added these natural ingredients:
  • Velvet Bean extract, which has been shown to boost testosterone, treat male infertility, and protect the body against disease
  • GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) has been shown to improve lean muscle growth, burn body fat, improve your mood and reduce anxiety
  • Valerian root, which is commonly used to treat stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders
Start taking it today - and look forward to the BEST you ever...28 Days Later.