KLOUT PWR Non-Stim Pump
KLOUT PWR Non-Stim Pump

KLOUT PWR Non-Stim Pump

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When taking KLOUT PWR's Pump you can expect an incredible increase in nitric oxide (NO) levels, energy, endurance and intramuscular hydration along with a significant boost in muscle strength and endurance. The incredible, next level of hydration comes from Glycerol Powder. Our pump product has one of the highest dosages on the market for Glycerol Powder, giving it an edge over anything else out on the market. 

KLOUT PWR's Pump contains 5,000mg of GlycerPump (65% Glycerol Powder) and is created using a spray drying technology, which yields a stable powder form without clumping. This is why KLOUT PWR Pump can be stacked with any of our pre-workouts for an even more substantial boost in intramuscular hyper-hydration and endurance, which leads to significantly improved athletic performance.

Adding Glycerol Powder to your pre-workout supplement stack keeps your body from having a fall in osmolarity, which stimulates the kidneys to remove excess water. Preventing your body from having a fall in osmolarity can help you hold up to an extra liter of water which is critical to athletic performance as just a 2% loss in fluids, potentially results in a 20% reduction in your body's athletic performance. 

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