RYSE Project: Blackout Pump

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Vascularity is on the Ryse!!! Ryse Pump is a non stimulant pre-workout that one has goal in mind... skin tearing pumps! This product can be used as a stand alone or combined with other pre-workout products to enhance vascularity and blood flow. Potently dosed with 1.5g Patented NO3-T Nitrate Formula with 3 patented blends to promote maximum vasodilation.
Benefits & Results:
* 200mg Vasodrive-AP for increased blood flow
* 1.5g 3 nitrate blend for insane vascularity and mind blowing pumps
* Betaine Anhydrous - Increase power output, work capacity, and energy levels
* L-Taurine - Reduce fatigue, increase exercise performance, reduce muscle damage   and soreness, and improve endurance
* Theobromine - Increase blood flow and improve cognitive ability
* Stimulant Free
Directions: Mix one serving with 10-12 ounces of water and consume 15-30 minutes prior to training. You may adjust water levels to fit taste