Black Magic Supply Super Natty
Black Magic Supply Super Natty
Black Magic Supply Super Natty

Black Magic Supply Super Natty

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BMS Super Natty™ is handcrafted with the highest of quality ingredients to naturally increase testosterone levels, build muscle and control unwanted estrogen side effects. Super Natty™ will increase your energy in the gym and give you that hard, lean look. Super Natty™ is safe and effective for men and women.

About the product:
Increase testosterone levels- Super Natty™ is a unique blend of premium and patented ingredients shown to increase your body’s production of total and free testosterone. This leads to building more muscle and burning more fat.
Control estrogen- Super Natty™ has included the most potent, natural compounds to help mitigate bloating and fat gain associated with high estrogen levels.

Ingredient callout:

Byroviron® is the patented form of the plant species Bryonia laciniosa, which has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine as an aphrodisiac. Studies show it can increase the natural production of testosterone via increasing luteinizing hormone.

PrimaVie® is a patented version of Shilajit mushrooms, which contain a molecule called fulvic acid. Fulvic acid has been shown to increase toal testosterone levels by 20%, as well as a 19% increase in free testosterone.

Eucheuma cottonii, or E cottonii is a seaweed rich in polyphenols which has been studied extensively for its anti-estrogenic properties. It has been shown to suppress the estrogen2 metabolizing-emzymes, which can lower overall estrogen levels. This leads to a leaner, dryer look.

Suggested use: Take 4 capsules with food once per day. Do not use this product for longer than 8 weeks followed by a subsequent 4 week break.

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