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Chill Pilz are the next biggest thing in Mental Health and Relaxation.


Designed to be a potent mood enhancer that will help get you into a serene state of well-being quickly and effectively. With just one gummy you’ll have an effect you can feel that will help you become present in the moment and let go of spiraling thoughts, old memories and bad vibes trying to mess with your current experience.

Made with Love.

ZERO Cannabis, Kratom, Kava or THC CBD…. Kanna is its own unique herb that has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for Anxiety, Repeating Thoughts and other Alternative uses.

^^^please note, our gelatin is currently made with beef and may not be in line with religious or dietary restrictions. Please shop accordingly, we are working on a vegan version soon we just want to make sure they taste just as good as they do now!

What is Kanna, Sceletium tortuosum?

"Historically, kanna forms part of the traditional practices of South Africa's first people, Khoisan," says clinical psychologist Vincenzo Sinisi, SAPA, HPCSA, founder of Therapy Route. "The Khoisan populated parts of what is now South Africa even before the African people considered indigenous to the region today did."

It was typically consumed as a pinch of ground-up fermented plant matter and held under the tongue or chewed before swallowing. Today, extracts, tea, and supplements are available for easier ingestion.

The Western world, and its mental health professionals in particular, are taking an interest in kanna thanks to its calming and mind-clearing properties, which can work wonders for people dealing with anxiety and depression.

In the brain, kanna naturally bolsters serotonin reuptake and strengthens the mechanisms of attention and memory, effectively reducing stress, boosting mood, and promoting cognitive function.


“Roughly two hours after consumption, people feel markedly calmer, more content, and happier. The world feels like all is as it should be, and life seems worthwhile."

“I strongly support that this supplement is being used as an alternative to other party drugs. People are likely to experience similar euphoria effects with no adverse effects on their health.”



Reality is precious and I hope this product aids you on your quest towards happiness and tranquility.


Suggested use is 1-2 gummies when needed to relax the body and re-regulate your Happy :) Do not Consume more than 4 gummies in a 48 hour period to maximize sensitivity and regulate tolerance.


Effects are noticed normally within 5-25 minutes and is felt for typically 2-4 hours.

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