The Flavor Gang Seasoning
The Flavor Gang Seasoning
The Flavor Gang Seasoning

The Flavor Gang Seasoning

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Looking to spice up your life? The Flavor Gang is here to save the day! Grab one or all 3 of these awesome spices to enjoy at home! 

Flavor House Seasoning 

This is our general house seasoning. We recommending adding this to EVERYTHING. From soups to marinades to eggs to grilling some good ole steaks. The perfect balance of salty, garlic flavored with a touch of heat.

Mostacho Spice

Our Authentic Mexican Seasoning One of our favorite flavors at The Flavor Gang. It’s our go-to for anything Mexican Inspired. The Mostacho seasoning has all the essential Mexican flavors in perfect ratios. Amplify any taco, burrito, or protein bowl.

Smokin' Tex 

BBQ Seasoning

Smokin Tex is a traditional barbeque in a jar. Add to any protein or veggie and pop on the grill or the air fryer. The hint of rosemary pairs perfectly with the smokey taste.

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